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Unlike most collectibles, Date Nails can still be found in the wild. With a couple of tools, some spare time and transportation, the world of Date Nails is open to everyone. I would like to show some of the varieties of Pole Nails. Click on the links to find more information on specific sets. The images on display are not actual size in most cases, and have been re-touched to bring out details. Please have patience while the images load. For Information on Railroad nails and the Texas Date Nail Collectors Assoc. go to Jeff Oaks Web site. Jeff Oaks is offering his 3 Volume Date Nail Books as a free .PDF download at Date Nails and Railroad Tie Preservation the foremost authority on date nails.

Select Links below for Information on unique Nail Sets
American Lumber Company Baxco Books about Date Nails
California Edison Canada Date nails Foreign Nails-Table Leg
Galveston Electric Co. Gulf States Creosoting Company Hawaii "MAUI"
Houston Wood Preserving Hubbard Nails International Creosote Company
J.F.Prettyman & Sons Koppers Nails Letter Nails
Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company Long Bell Lumber Company Mexican Nails
Modern Date Nails National Lumber Company Odds and Ends
Oil Field Nails Pacific Coast Creosoting Pacific Gas & Electric
Pentrex Plates and Tags Potosi Lumber Company
Southern Wood Preserving Texas Creosote Company U S Forest Service
Western Union West Coast Wood Preserving W. P. Brown & Sons Lumber Co.
Utility Sets Date Nail E-Books are Unavailable at this time Hot Links

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